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Investment, Financial Services and SPVs


Quality Finance Corporation

12:09 02 June in

Quality Finance Corporation (QFCL) is the specialized entity under Quality Group Ltd (QGL), championing specific needs of Tanzanian institutions via structuring and facilitating innovative solutions, with products and services from across the globe. QFCL, working in tandem with Group companies, have established one of the biggest...


Quality Bullion Limited

06:14 01 June in

QGL has formed a subsidiary "Quality  Bullion Limited" (QBL),with the aim to set up a gold  refinery. QBL is in the  process of setting  up two  gold  refinery  projects  with  a combined  capacity   to refine  50 kg of gold  per day,  which  would  be a...


Quality Corporation Limited

11:15 20 May in

Quality Corporation Ltd (QCL) is the Group’s business vertical that caters to the high growth high volume B2B/institutional business segment in the region. Inspired by the phenomenal success of the Group in the segment in the East African Region, QCL is spreading its wings towards...


Quality Extended Enterprise Limited

11:13 20 May in

Quality Extended Enterprises Ltd (QExE) manages the extended business operations of the Group in Tanzania and East Africa, its home turf. QExE oversees one of the largest and fastest growing business operations in the region. QExE is the prime-mover of Group's operations wherein it renders overall...


Quality Investment Company Limited

09:51 07 October in

Quality   Investment  Company  Ltd  (QICL)   a  sub  holding   entity   focuses  on  new investment ventures, particularly in the  real estate,  urban  infrastructure and  power sectors. QICl  has been  instrumental in investing in various landmark projects  such as Export     Processing   Zone     (EPZ),   Quality Plaza one of the...