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Infrastructure and Engineering


Quality Infrastructure Limited

12:00 02 June in

The region benefiting from the fast paced development and concerted efforts of various Governments and other agencies is improving its infrastructure by leaps and bounds. To cater to such large increases in demand and to leverage the Groups strengths and experience in the sector we...


Quality Energy Limited

04:56 22 May in

QEL has design and resources in place to become a leading Turnkey contracting company with capabilities in Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution, Oil and Gas Pipeline, and Field Surface Facilities, and other related Civil Infrastructure Projects. Our core competency lies in turn-key development of efficient and...


Quality Engineering Limited

14:30 07 October in

QGE is a pioneering enterprise in the engineering and fabrication sector in Tanzania. QGE is probably the only privately operating engineering and metal fabricating facility in Tanzania that can trace its roots back to the 1970's.QGE owns and operates one of the best facilities for...