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Agro, Food & Beverages


Quality Food and Beverages Limited

04:06 22 May in

Quality Food and Beverages Ltd (QFB)has been engaged in processing, value addition and marketing of farm and fisheries products from Tanzania. Over the years, QFB has established a rich and diverse portfolio of food processing businesses. QFB owns and operates several manufacturing facilities in the...


Tanperch Limited

14:18 07 October in

Established in 1992, Tanperch Limited (Tanperch) is recognized as one of the leading processors of Nile Perch in Tanzania, known for its quality. With more than two decades of rich experience, the company is evolving every day with a strong emphasis on 100% export of...


Tanrice Limited

10:04 07 October in

Mills Ltd (Tanrice) is the flagship company of Quality Food and Beverages (QFB). The company was established in 1981 and was operational under the control of Government of Tanzania. The company was subsequently acquired by QFB in 2004. Tanrice owns and operates one of the largest...