QGL | Townhall – September
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Townhall – September

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Townhall – September

09:13 07 September in Events

The event started with the opening note from Smitha Swamy followed by a video of Employee code of Conduct which was presented by Prathamesh Bhandari and Smitha Swamy, in continuation with a power point presentation which made employees understand the Code of Conduct of the organization. Some senior members from the management gave their valuable input in the discussion.
Thereafter we had our SBU’s briefing us about the achievements and new opportunities we are coming up with in our business.
We had introduction of new hires who were called upon one by one and introduced to the gathering, where this time we saw many of the employees joining us in a key position which could contribute to guide the way through to the their team to achieve the goals of organization.
This time the recognition and award for best employee was shared by one employee and he is Mr. Mr Iyappan Ramalingam from Tanperch, Mwanza.

Recognition and awards were followed by presenting certificate of appreciation to the employees who helped us beyond their call of duty in emergency situation in Quality Center.
Their names are as follows:

Andrew Gerald Mhagama from QC
Paulo Tryphone Lungombe from QC
Methew Anyisile Kyamba form QC
Deusdedith Karugila from QC
John Chirwa from Funspot
Alok Samel from Funspot
Gaurav Jain from QC
Akhilesh Maurya from Sun crest Cinema
Nikunj Patel from Sun crest Cinema
Thirumal Anbalagan from QC
Zandro Flores from QC

The event was closed with a new initiative of Birthday Celebration. Those employees whose birthday was falling in the month of August were called on a stage for a caking cutting ceremony which was enjoyed by everyone present in the Hall.