QGL | Pamoja attracts young stars and youngsters alike
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Pamoja attracts young stars and youngsters alike

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Pamoja attracts young stars and youngsters alike

07:43 05 August in Events

Pamoja, the Largest Swahili Networking App, has caught the eyes of youngsters of Tanzania. It not only the youth, but also their icons who are hooked on Pamoja. Diva the Bawse, a radio jockey with Clouds FM is using it to search for her match, which Bill Nass, a young music star, is promoting Pamoja to his fellow celebs and fans with full enthusiasm. Celebrities are a huge influence on Tanzanian culture and Pamoja seems to have struck the right cord by fulfilling an untapped need – a networking app in Swahili. The rage is spreading and everybody is coming back with compliments, suggestions, promotion offers and whatnot. “And we’ll take them all. Pamoja is an app co-created with the very people who use it.” comments Alsaba Rahman, the Business Head of Pamoja. “We are overwhelmed with the responses with requests coming from Kenya, Oman, USA and other countries to launch Pamoja in their country as well. It’s time Swahili people connect with their roots and upgrade the way they network and there can be nothing more perfect than Pamoja for it right now.” She added.

And the numbers are speaking, within a month of its official Beta launch, they have garnered 5000+ downloads and counting.