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About Company

A Transnational Group with Myriad Interests

Discover QGL

The QGL Group, now in its Fourth decade of business excellence, has been making significant contributions to the economic development of Tanzania, helping in creation of an empowered and successful nation.

With business exceeding more than 50 independent SBU’s , QGL provides employment to several hundreds . We are a multi-location conglomerate with diverse interests across a wide range of products
and services. With manufacturing and export operations that cater to the demand across East Africa, our ambitions are on a global scale.

With over 50 wholly owned and associate companies, QGL forms one of the Tanzania's premier and diversified business Groups. including, Automotive, Engineering Products, International Trade, Logistic Solutions and Warehousing, Real-estate Development, Food Processing, Consulting and a number of other business activities

Our Chairman, Mr Yusuf Manji a leading entrepreneur, spearheaded QGL's rapid
growth to its present position of eminence.In keeping with the policies of Tanzania
nationals, the Group's contribution to the growth of the private sector continues to be an integral part of its corporate goals.

Currently, QGL produces a variety of products- Many of these products are
market leaders in the Tanzania and are exported to many countries spanning the
Africa continent.

Zeal and passion for providing quality services and products to the Tanzania, the
Group also represents some of the world's most reputed organisations-many of them listed in the Fortune 500.

Ensuring we contribute to the overall growth of the nation, QGL covers a wide
spectrum of activities including Agriculture, Contracting, Finance and Investments,
Fisheries, Foodstuff, Manufacturing, Services , Trading and Agency Representation, and Health.

Today, QGL is looking to increase exports of its products. Seeking new markets and adapting its products to suit these markets will assist QGL in achieving self-reliance. To this end, Support employment for Tanzania nationals, an area that has always been a priority to the Group, will continue to play a pivotal role in every facet of the Group's growth and development.

The Group is spearheaded by a member of the Manji family, who works closely with an experienced and senior team of professionals, comprising, both local and international expertise. The Group's operations are managed by a team of more than 2500 professionals. The organization's head quarters are housed in "Quality Plaza" on Nyerere Road in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The Plaza is a noted landmark and one ofthe most modern office and commercial complexes in Tanzania.

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Our Business Segments

Investment, Financial Services and SPVs

Agro, Food & Beverages


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Business In Tanzania

Tanzania Government policy is to create a national economy based on best practices in a competitive environment. A stage has now been reached where the basic physical infrastructure of the country is in place, and in order to further the socio - economic development of Tanzania, it is essential to build up a strong, efficient and competitive private sector with the help of Government incentives and some financial assistance where necessary, in order to stimulate rapid growth, particularly in areas of production and commerce previously unknown in Tanzania.

The Government has embarked on a policy of economic diversification with an emphasis on agriculture, fisheries, tourism, mining, micals and other heavy
industries. The Government has announced an ambitious plans. New laws and regulations were introduced to promote the diversification of the economy and the involvement of private and foreign capital. The Government strategy for economic development has been based on a series of development plans.

The Fundamental Goals of the Tanzania Economy: 2020

  • To develop and upgrade Tanzania human resources in order to cope with technological progress and attain international competitiveness.
  • To develop a private sector capable of utilising human and natural resources in an efficient and ecologically sound way, in close collaboration with the government.
  • To utilize the geo-strategic location of the Tanzania, optimize the use of its natural resources and promote economic diversification.
  • To distribute the fruits of development among all regions and all citizens.
  • To preserve, safeguard and develop the achievements accomplished in the past .